Sunday, January 20, 2013

Freebies - here, there, and everywhere - don't miss out!

Amazing freebies this week, great week to stock up.  There is something for everyone in this weeks selection.

Current Deals Starting Jan 20 (link)

Note:  Many prices do require store club membership, and the use of a coupon.  Often you can do better than this list indicates, look for in store coupons and store double days - to really stretch that dollar.

Special note:  If you find a deal that you need a large volume of, contact the department manager - they can get the quantity ready for you in the stores warehouse.  If you need a large volume of coupons and do not belong to your local coupon club, remember that clipping services often have large coupon volumes in stock and can overnight.  Yes, it does cost a few pennies - however, would you rather miss the deal and pay full price?  Check my coupon links for a clipping service that fits your price range.

See you in the stores.