Sunday, November 25, 2012

Store Savings for this week, active 11/24 - Target wins this one!

Target wins with the Gillette Pro Glide Deal - hard to beat that!

It looks like most stores are taking a back seat to Black Friday (weekend) and Cyber Monday, so not much to look at - but a few golden nuggets do exist. 

I made it to Staples for their wifi printer sale - great deal.  I did miss the Martha Stewart Tree sale at Home Depot - big bummer for me.  Side note, I let my Dad use my Christmas Tree last year (the fancy 6.5 foot with millions of lights, white or colored, with flashing options - and a remote control).  After Christmas he spent, three days removing the lights and packing it up.  Now I need a new tree, and this year we will restring my old tree - at his house.

I did manage to go to Walgreens Thanksgiving morning for their great sale on Foster Grant readers B1G2, three for the price of one - WOW.  I could not believe all of the couponers shopping with their lists - I actually found a few deals following them for a bit.  Great deal on Crest - Free!  It was nice to see other "Extreme Shoppers" in the isles.

11/24 Shopping Deals