Sunday, October 14, 2012

This weeks "Extreme Shopping" deals - are active TODAY!!!! Don't miss out!

Advil, Blistex, Crest, Robutissin - Seriously good deals.  Walgreens and Walmart seem to be the big hitters this week - with Advertised deals.  Rite Aid, has a pretty good unadvertised deal for Robutissin (check yesterdays post).

Remember, you will need a store card for member pricing, newspaper/printable coupons, sometimes the store coupon, and maybe a rebate (as in Advil this week) - the savings are definitely there.   It is really that easy!  Isn't FREE worth a little bit of thought?

Have a great week - maybe I will see you shopping!

Current Deals - Great Dollar Stretchers!!!! (Link)