Friday, October 26, 2012

Nice Storm Coming - Get Ready!

Do the simple things:

1.  Lash down outside furniture and other items that could get tossed by a strong wind.

2.  Fill the car tanks.

3.  Find your Candles, Blankets,Batteries, emergency radios.

4.  Prepare for an alternative cooking/heating method.  Electricity might go out.

5.  Put a few plastic containers of water into the freezer now, if you loose power - the freezer should be able to make it, provided that you keep the door closed.  Also, these frozen blocks can be moved to the refridgerator to help keep it cold.

6.  WATER - Make sure that you have some for you, your family members, and pets.  Just in case.  In addition, fill a tub - so that you can use the water to flush the toilet - should you need to.

7.  Easy prepared food, or items that do not need a heat source - will keep you out of the refridgerator.

8..  Stormwater capture systems - beef them up or expand the overflows.

9.  Reading materials, games, ect - to keep everyone busy and off of the nerves.

10.  If you have a generator - prep it - make sure that you have the correct cables.

This list is not in the correct order, you can do that.  Be Prepared!