Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"A presentation by Potomac Landfill officials has been scheduled for the council’s Aug. 21 meeting" -- BE THERE!!!! Thank you to Aileen Streng and Potomac News for giving us this notice!!!!

Potomac Landfill wants to build debris mountains in Dumfries

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Potomac Landfill wants permission from the town of Dumfries to build higher construction debris mountains.
If allowed to do so, landfill officials say the entire landfill would close for good in 15 years – a lot sooner than if it expands outwards.
Plus, part of the landfill property not used for active filling could be redeveloped before the business even closes.
“[Potomac Landfill] has essentially two options for continuation of its operation. It may expand outwards or it may expand upwards,” said John Foote, attorney for the landfill in letter he recently wrote to Dumfries Town Manager Dan Taber.
A presentation by Potomac Landfill officials has been scheduled for the council’s Aug. 21 meeting.
As part of the Court Stipulation and Order, issued in 1987, the landfill is allowed to use 58 of its 90 acres for active filling.
The stipulation and order settled a lawsuit brought by the town over the legality of the landfill to exist and operate. Both parties agreed to its contents.
“[Landfill officials] believe that there are compelling reasons the town should prefer upward expansion, not the least of which is that it promises successful closure of the operation in a decidedly shorter time, with concomitant additional benefits,” Foote wrote.
The landfill wants to be able to go as high as 310 feet, the approximate height of the county water tower that stands on the property. Its current limit is 195 feet.
“It would not be closed at or near Lorton’s 412 feet,” Foote wrote referring to the construction debris landfill in Fairfax County on Furnace Road.
If granted permission, Foote wrote, the landfill would not expand its current operation or go beyond the 39 acres it is currently using.
“Property that would otherwise have been used for lateral landfill expansion could be put to mutually agreeable development that, if the market so dictates, could commence before the fifteen years have expired,” Foote wrote.
Staff writer Aileen M. Streng can be reached at 703-530-3907.