Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Weekend, HAMS will be talking with the International Space Station!!!!!


Manassas area to have two ARISS contact passes this week

What is ARISS?

The ARISS program is a cooperative venture of Ham Radio and NASA (NASA, the ARRL and AMSAT) and other international space agencies that organizes scheduled contacts via Amateur Radio between children and astronauts & cosmonauts aboard the ISS (International Space Station).

With the help of experienced volunteers from Amateur Radio clubs, and coordination from the ARISS Team, the ISS crew members speak directly with audiences in a variety of public forums such as school assemblies or at science museums, Scout camporees and jamborees and space camps.

There will be two ARISS contacts over your area this week, and we should be able to copy the 145.80 MHz downlink on both passes.

The first will be tomorrow (Monday, July 23) with the Women in Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY (W2RIT).  It will be a descending pass (northwest to southeast), peaking northeast of Manassas.  Here are the times for the Prince William County area, with AOS (acquisition of signal) LOS (loss of signal) data:

AOS:  13:31:45 UTC  315/0   (AOS for the school will be 13:30:57)
PEAK: 13:36:59 UTC   31/30
LOS:  13:42:10 UTC  106/0

The second one will be on Thursday (July 26) with the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton (KE4ZXW).  It will be a descending pass again, but peaking southwest of Manassas this time.

AOS:  14:06:28 UTC  297/0   (AOS for the school will be 14:06:54)
PEAK: 14:11:30 UTC  228/23
LOS:  14:16:28 UTC  159/0

It will be a female astronaut at the mic on both of these contacts (Sunita Williams).  She is one of the Expedition 32 crew members that arrived onboard the ISS last week (July 17). (See her bio below.)

So listen in on the downlink frequencies for these contacts, it should be informative and fun !.
     Terry McCarty